A Portal (of sorts) for Psychoactive Substance Use Disorder Information (and a wee bit more).

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This section will help you understand the diagnosis of substance use disorder, and self-help groups and also find treatment from a wide variety of professionals who help people with substance use problems.

The self-help movement is worldwide and enormous. Given the universality of human problems, there is probably a self-help organization willing to provide help for any difficulty. This is especially true for substance use disorders.

For many years the medical community ignored those with substance abuse problems and national and international self-help organizations were created to fill the void. If you or someone you know has a substance abuse problem, there is probably a self-help organization close by to provide assistance.

The offerings in this section include links for diagnosing particular problems, self-help group contact links and a (US) national treatment site locator.

tl;dr: There is a great deal of help and support out there, if you are interested.